Join Kalashnikovv Gallery on 14 April, 12PM CAT for the online exhibition opening of “Che Bello” by Lucy Jane Turpin.

“Che Bello” was due to physically open to the public this weekend in Johannesburg. Unfortunately due to the COVID19 pandemic, this is no longer a possibility. This body of work featuring new paintings on linen has been created by the artist while on the Viafarini residency in Milan, Italy over the past 3 months. Lucy and her work are currently still in Milan on national lockdown and the gallery space in Johannesburg is closed for the remaining duration of our SA lockdown. Despite these circumstances, we are trying to imagine a way forward.

Visibility is now more vital for artists than ever before and it’s the responsibility of all conceivable types of art platforms to try and make this visibility possible. Access to ideas, inspiration and new art, is not cancelled! As part of “Che Bello” artist Eva Shuman will be presenting a new series of ceramic sculptures. Originally intended to occupy the gallery space in conversation with Lucy’s work, but now sadly destined be kept apart. These sculptural forms will be published as a segment of Tuesday’s online exhibition opening.

For more information please contact gallery staff via or 061 241 2291. Catalogue is available for view here.